MARS Sheet Analysis

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At the beginning of one of my morning calls to Martha*, I accessed the property by using the key safe for the front door. This is better security than leaving the key somewhere else where other people can gain entry. Martha had tablets from the dossett box morning and evening calls only. On the morning call the daughter has already administered the medication due to there being painkillers, these help and have a chance to work before we go in as moving Martha is very painful for her. The daughter will record that she has given this on our MARS sheet (Medication Administration Record sheet), which can be found in the care plan folder. Every service user that has medication will have one of these in their relevant care plans. The MARS sheets contain information appropriate to that service user. It will have a detailed list of all current medication, albeit dossett box tablets, creams, sprays, liquids, and any short-term medication, i.e. antibiotics. All medication that is POM (prescription only medicines), can be administered according to our company’s policy, any over the counter or GSL (General Sale List) medicines cannot be administered by carers, and it is the responsibility of the service users or their families to issue these. Martha has other types of medication, and these are in the form of Ibuprofen liquid, Lactulose, Eye drops, and creams.…show more content…
There may be a reason for not giving them, by checking and reading the care plan and the previous carers notes there may be a solution. The MARS sheet should be left blank if you were not the carer at the morning call, and a note carefully written up on the daily report
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