(M2, D1) Psychological Perspective

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(M2) The approaches I am going to compare are Piaget which is a cognitive theory and Pavlov which is a behaviourist theory. The Piaget theory is focused more on social care rather than health care. Social care professionals use this more than health care professionals such as, teachers and social workers. However, some health care professionals use this theory like health visitors. This theory is used by focusing on two or more key concepts within different stages, the stages are set up for the development of a different age range. Each age range is expect to be able to have the ability to develop the key concepts effectively, this helps the professionals to determine how well an individual is developing and if they are able to complete a stage. With each concept professionals set up a test to see whether the individual is grasping it and is developing at the correct pace, when doing the tests they know exactly what to look out for and what to expect the individual to do. For example, there is a stage two which is called the pre-operational stage. This focuses on 2-7 year olds, this stage has three key concepts in which the teacher expects the individual of this age is in their class to develop. One of the key concepts that the teacher teachers the children is the sertiation which helps the child to have the ability to place things in order according to size, shape or any other characteristic. To see if the child has developed this at this stage the teacher will make the children do a test by placing a jars of varying heights and make the child place them in order of tallest to smallest. Due to this the teacher will get a rough idea of if the child is at developing at the right stage. Unlike the Piaget theory, the Pavlov theory is more focused on health care rather than social care. Health care professionals use this more than social care professionals such

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