Lysistrata Essay

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Synopsis: Impatiently waiting for the women of Athens and Sparta to arrive, Lysistrata plans to discuss the war between the Spartans and the Athens in front of the Akropolis in Athens. While she is waiting, she rants about how women might not show up because they lack organizational and structural power and responsibility, but her rant gets interrupted by Kleonike, her neighbor who is older than her. Kleonike tells Lysistrata that all that women possess is beauty and glamour and those characteristics cannot possibly end the war. However, Lysistrata claims that that is exactly the key to ending the war. As Kleonike gets fascinated by Lysistrata’s idea, two groups of women led by Myrrhine and Lampito (Spartan) enter with Ismenia and Korinthian. After all the women are gathered, Lysistrata explains that she intends to end the war by pursuing abstinence, but Kleonike, Myrrhine, and Lampito cry out to Lysistrata that they are willing to anything except giving up sex. After a rowdy discussion, the women finally agree to Lysistrata’s plan. Lysistrata tells the women to look as beautiful as possible to attract men, but refuse to have sex with them until a peace treaty is signed. Then the women proceeds to sacrifice a jar of Thasian wine to make an oath of chastity. Meanwhile, the Chorus of Old Men enters with pots of fire to drive out the women. However, the Chorus of Women retaliate the men with pitchers of water and threatens to castrate them, which makes the men to retreat. Then a squad of police enters with the Commissioner to discover that women are assembled at the gates of the Akropolis. The Commissioner orders the police men to arrest Lysistrata and the women but a hoard of women rush toward the policemen with household articles. Finally, when only the Commissioner and Lysistrata are left to contend Lysistrata threatens the Commissioner that the she will manage

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