Lysistrata Essay

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Lysistrata The play Lysistrata was written by Aristophanes during the twelfth year of the Peloponnesian war. It was first performed in Athens, Greece in 411 B.C., with the typical male audience and all male actors. A great deal of thought went into this play that Aristophanes wrote, he shows the folly of war, chauvinism, and sex by making his audience look foolish though sexual humor and old comedy. Many things that are demonstrated by the play Lysistrata still occupy the American society today. In the play, the women take matters into their own hands by hosting a sex strike; they are determined to win the war by themselves. Lysistrata is seen to be the leader of this great adventure and a whole new look on anti-war gestures are seen. Aristophanes makes the play about making war, and not making love. The sex strike is strung out for six days, at the Acropolis. Overall, the women were upset that their men were never home, thus making an unbalance in their family, leading to an unbalance in society. War not only derives nations, but also the families of the soldiers. Many explanations have raised from the text of Aristophanes play Lysistrata and the theme of Anti-War. “Behind every great man, there is a great woman”, “Brawn vs. Brains”, and “Women, you can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them.” these sayings are loosely based on the play that has occupied our history. The play Lysistrata shows the theme of anti-war through the precise work of symbolism, characters and word choice. Symbolism is shown very strongly throughout the whole poetic piece of Lysistrata. The main plot of the play is about the sex strike. The women withhold sex in order to get men to listen and to stop the war. This shows a primitive type of Women’s Rights; in such that they are speaking out, or in this case not having sex with their men, to get what they want. For
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