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“Love Story” Essay Every story, no matter how long or short, should have one main important event. That event should be the one that sticks in your mind the most, the one where everything else in the plot seems to stem from that one scene. ‘Love Story’, a short story by Bernard Gadd, is not an exception. ‘Love Story’ is about an unsuccessful high school romance set in New Zealand where Asofa, a lonely Samoan immigrant meets a “nice-looking” Maori girl named Lynne Brown who seems to share his feelings of frustration and loneliness at his new school. Together they slowly build a tentative but loving relationship, despite the disapproval of both of their families due to their cultural differences. The story concludes with a disastrous aftermath of the annual school Ball, which results in Lynne moving away and a (temporarily) heartbroken Asofa who is left to stay at school and fulfill his family’s expectation for him to become a doctor. To me, the main event of the story would most probably be the moment when Asofa meets Lynne for the first time. The event is set at a place just out of school, “over a grass field towards some trees”. One day, Asofa had walked out of school to this place, where he had felt “pulled” towards the field, the trees and the narrow strip of dirty water he could see behind them because he was feeling “very sick for home”. And that was when he noticed a girl from his school sitting by some tall bushes, whom he would come to know as Lynne Brown. In the story, Asofa thought that Lynne looked “nice” in appearance and walks up to her when she looks up and greets him. Sitting side by side, they tell each other their names and other types of personal information (like culture, family situations) and also their feelings of being “lonely and different” which they seem to have in common. There are a few reasons why I think that the above is

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