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Lola Lago Introduction Lola Lago: is the head of a detective agency in Madrid. The agency has a very important case: the kidnapping of Victor Monasterio, a very famous singer. Paco: works with Lola Lago. He is her partner and also her friend. Miguel: is the other partner of Lola. All three are detectives. Margarita: is the secretary of Lola, of Paco, and of Miguel. She is very concerned because of the kidnapping of her favorite singer. Feliciano: is the errand boy. He is in love with Margarita but she does not know… Victor Monasterio: is a very famous singer. Nobody knows where he is. Laureano: is the secretary of Victor Monasterio. She keeps the accounts of her boss. Carmela: is the neighbor and friend of Lola. She loves her as her own daughter. Ernesto Salinas: is the manager of Victor Monasterio. He has received a very rare note. Liliana Valente: is a model. She is married to Victor Monasterio. She also has received a very strange note. Chapter 1 Today is July 15 and it is very hot in Madrid: 38 degrees is the temperature (98 degrees here). Lola enters her office at 9:30 in the morning. She is in a bad mood. She has a toothache and slept very badly. Lola has a private detective agency. But things in the agency are not well. Everyone is preparing for vacations and nobody needs private detectives. In the elevator, Lola looks in the mirror. She is not very pretty: She has half a face like a soccer ball. She is tired and has a bad color. She has not been to the pool any day. Nor to the beach. Lola has two partners, Paco and Miguel. In her office of the street Alcala also work Margarita, the secretary, and Feliciano, who does a little bit of everything: search for cafes, go to the post office and the bank… Feliciano is very thin and a little cross-eyed. And he has two hobbies: writing poems, love poems for Margarita, the
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