Fox vs Cochran

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Fox v. Cochran No. 5102 Bud Fox, a fifteen year old has found his way into the courtroom once again. At a young age he was in and out of the juvenile detention centers never being able to stay out of trouble accumulating multiple charges. While legally still being a minor, the criminal history of Bud Fox’s arrests plays a huge factor in his most recent arrest. Bud Fox is tried as an adult and sentenced to 61.5 years consecutively in prison including 15 from when he was charged as a juvenile for nonviolent crimes. I feel this sentencing is extremely harsh due to the fact that he is still a minor and his 8th amendment is being violated. Bud Fox was not given a fair trial in my opinion. The judge in this case has let the victims that were impacted by Fox’s fraudulent investment operation play an emotional factor in his sentencing decision. I believe that the victims should be held responsible for making the decision to invest into Fox’s operation. Just like on Wall Street, there are risks investing and you are not guaranteed profit. I also believe that a few of the victims are not of good character. Ms. Hoe for instance, had earned a living as a prostitute and by trafficking money until becoming the beneficiary on her sons life insurance policy whom was then murdered coincidentally. To me this is an unstable woman who was mad about losing money. Her revengeful remarks should have nothing to do with the judges decision on sentencing. The Eighth Amendment prohibits the federal government from imposing excessive bail, excessive fines or cruel and unusual punishment. In this case, Fox is being double punished. He is being punished by maximum years for each charge as well as being punished for the sentencing he received while being a minor. And I have to mention that these years will be served consecutively for nonviolent charges. This is not fair.

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