Logevall's Choosing War

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Essay #3 Within the Logevall’s essay “Choosing War” he focuses on the Americanization of the Vietnam War. It shows how Johnson was able to make many of the decisions that he did because he had the support of many Americans. American’s felt that it was necessary to follow the events that took place over in Vietnam. “Americans, to the extent that they followed developments in Vietnam, tended to support the effort there, in large measure because they took candidate-for-president Johnson at his word when he said the nation’s commitment would stay at about its current level and that South Vietnamese boys would have to fight their own war.” (Logevall, 185) He also makes it clear that many countries opposed the American involvement in Vietnam whereas many American critics supported the Johnson administration’s escalation and no one questioned the need to contain communist threat in Vietnam. Johnson’s administration tried very hard to keep distain for his policies at bay. “The pressure campaign produced mixed results. On the one hand, the administration succeeded in persuading many domestic dissidents to keep their objections quiet, partly by playing to their patriotism (true Americans do not challenge the commander in chief on global issues in a time of Cold War) and partly by seducing them into thinking their ides were taken seriously.” (Logevall’s, 188) In Robert Brigham’s essay “An Unwinnable War” he believes that the Chinese commitment to Vietnam was strengthened due to Operation “Rolling Thunder” to eliminate American aggressors. He believes that many felt that the Chinese would have “backed away from its military commitments to Vietnam during the Cultural Revolution.”(214) With the aid of China, it was apparently going to be difficult for America to focus on their main objective. It seems that not only did America have to worry about the issues in Vietnam
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