[Raw] China: Mao's Rise & Demise

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Mao Revolutionary Hero Mao's CCP was able to defeat Chiang Kai-Shek's KMT easily due to his high amounts of support and his massive capability to fight. While the KMT was out fighting the Japanese and wasting America's resources and aid, Mao was rallying people together in China (1A) mostly peasants as they were integral to Mao's vision of China's future (3A). Mao's 'Main Rules of Discipline' were also massive benefits for his followers to obey as people had to treat each other in somewhat the same manner and same respect, despite the fact that one might be a higher ranking than the other (5A). For example: Peasants being treated fairly by officials. This was a major encouragement for peasants to follow Mao as they have been mistreated for so long and now finally a leader has come up willing to defend them and treat them as equals. The CCP was very capable of fighting the Japanese and they were also very willing and determined (4A), even though they lacked the aid and resources the KMT was receiving from America, despite the support the KMT struggled against the Japanese. The KMT's incapability to effectively defeat the Japanese despite the amounts of resources handed to them was a reason General Stillwell insisted to "get arms to the Communists, who will fight." (2A). This was also a key reason for entire divisions of their military to defect to the CCP (6A). So when the Civil War broke out not only did Mao Zedong have countless amounts of support from the people of China but he also had entire divisions of what once was the KMT's military (1A & 6A). Chiang Kai-Shek had already lost China before the Civil War had started and had no other option than to flee to Taiwan with the rest of the nationalists. Agrarian Reform, Social Reform & Suppressing Counterrevolutions Some of Mao's first policies were to strip land, possessions and properties off
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