Living With An Autistic Brother

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Living with an Autistic Brother Every person establishes their own individuality the second they are born that transforms throughout their lifetime. We learn things about ourselves and one another as time progresses. I am the middle child of five and each one of my siblings, including myself has encountered many obstacles in life which have developed over the years. These obstacles have changed our ways of living and given us certain knowledge which might be unfamiliar to others. My older siblings were able to overcome their obstacles in the past unlike my two youngest siblings and myself. A few years ago I was diagnosed with ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyper-Active Disorder). My youngest sister, who is now nine, was diagnosed with Epilepsy, and my youngest brother who has just turned seven, was diagnosed with Autism. Although each disorder is very serious and has impacted my family and my own life, I have chosen to focus this essay on my autistic brother. I want to share with others what it is like living with an autistic brother and the knowledge that I have become very familiar with from observing his everyday actions. The symptoms of an autistic child are usually not noticeable until the age of around two years old. That is one of the reasons most parents are unaware that their child has the disorder at birth. My parents were unaware of my little brother Julian’s disorder until he was about four years old. People who did not know that he was autistic at that age would never had guessed that he had a condition, although now looking back the signs were very obvious. Every autistic child is very different as an individual, although they are categorized as having the same disability. For instance, my brother Julian is very good at remembering numbers and is a video game genius. He is capable of beating a whole video game in one day that would take
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