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Tori Warren Professor Kamrath AML 3640 18 November 2014 Living the Native American Dream The first goal is to finish school. This goal is important to obtain because it prepares us for the next step, which is to acquire a respectable job with good pay and benefits. You will need these benefits as you get married, settle down, and have children. That would be 2.5 children, to be exact. Of course, you need someplace to raise these children, so do not forget the three bedroom, white picket fence home. Throw a dog into this picture for good measure, and you have yourself the “average” American family. Or at least, what society presents to us as “the American Dream”. If that is what society portrays to us as being the average American’s home,…show more content…
Characters in “Modern family” partake in drinking alcohol; however, it is mostly social drinking or is done so responsibly. Our “Modern Family” sees alcoholism to be more of a punch line to a joke, rather than an actual problem. In a discussion between Claire and her brother-in-law- , Cameron; Cameron says, “I am playing a new drinking game. It's called "Every time I'm depressed, I take a drink." To which Claire replies, “That game exists. It's called alcoholism” (“Modern Family”).Yes, they can recognize that alcoholism is a real thing, but they brush it off as if it is simply a game as do many other family drama on television today. However, on the reservation where Victor grew up, alcoholism is a very real problem. More specifically, alcohol presents itself to be a problem with Victor’s dad, who was known for getting drunk while listening to Jimi Hendrix record all night. The “Modern Family” make light of it as a joke, but for Victor’s family, it became one of the key factors in the downfall of their…show more content…
All seems well and everyone is excited about this news, except for Lily, who is not ready for another child in the home. She pitches a fit and Cameron even states, “Oh, my God, Mitchell. She's getting worse. I have turned her into a pushy little entitled monster on her way to a rap sheet and a bracelet on her ankle” (“Modern Family”).But that is the extent of it. By the end of the evening, Lily calms down, the family works everything out and they move on. This scenario differs in insurmountable ways to the gathering Alexie describes in “Every Little Hurricane”. We begin with Victor retelling describing a fight between his two uncles, Adolph and Arnold. This is such a common occurrence that Victor has justified their behavior in his mind as love. Alexie writes, “He could see his uncles slugging each other with such force that they had to be in love. Strangers would never want to hurt each other that badly” (Alexie 2). The night goes on, in a swirl of fighting, cussing, and heavy drinking as Victor tries to make his way to his parent’s room. Finally, the story ends with everyone in attendance at the party, outside in the snow, fighting, dancing, and having sex. Instead of our “Modern Family” happy ending, where the family end their evening

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