Little Miss Sunshine

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Little Miss Sunshine – Essay Plan on Key Aspect of Narrative When writing this essay on the key aspect of Narrative try to show how decisions made about the plot structure and codes would appeal to the Audience and therefore increase the chances of making a profit (Institution) Introduction - Provide a very brief summary of the film and state that it has been carefully constructed using the key aspects to target an audience and make a profit. - State that all media texts use narrative codes, conventions and structures to meet audience expectations. Narrative Structure - Explain the classical (Todorov) narrative structure, its stages and why it is used. - Explain how LMS conforms to a classical (Todorov) narrative structure and why. - Explain each stage of the narrative structure of Little Miss Sunshine (Give evidence from the cultural and technical code analysis of the opening scenes). - Explain how the narrative follows a linear cause and effect model (Use examples from the film as evidence and try to show how this has a unifying effect on the family). - Explain how it has a closed narrative structure (Cite each characters metaphorical journey and closure) Narrative Codes - State that Barthes theorises that any media can be considered as a process of coding and decoding between the producers and the audience. - Explain the use of the symbolic code (Binary opposites) in the film. Give evidence from the film to support your views. - Explain how the use of binary opposites (Richard and Frank) challenges dominant ideology about winners and losers. (Use evidence from the film to support your ideas) Explain the use of the referential code in the film. (Give evidence from the film and focus on what each of the cultural references tells us about the character). - Explain the use
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