Little House in the Big Woods

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Little House in the Big Woods Unit 8 Book review Little House in the Big Woods is about an 1860’s prairie family. Consisting of three young children Mary, Laura, baby Carrie, and their ma and pa. Laura’s family is a loving, caring, and hardworking family. The author of this book is the middle child of the Ingalls family, Laura. Laura was born in Pepin County, Wisconsin on February 7, 1867. She then died February 10, 1957. She married Almanzo Wilder, and then had two children a girl named Rose and then a son who had no name, he died shortly after birth. The setting of this book takes place in the big woods of Wisconsin in a little gray house made of logs. Laura and her family grew their own vegetables, smoked their own meats (including; deer, bear, pig, and they also salted their own fish). Reading this book you will find out that Laura and her family went through many hardships and adventures (good and bad). Some of the hardships they faced were (wild animals including bears and wolves, cold harsh winters, and dry hot summers). Laura and her family also had many good times and adventures. During the maple syrup season they would make maple candy, which was a real treat for pioneer children. During the holidays relatives would come from afar, which was also a real treat because there were no neighbors who lived near them. Laura also enjoyed her big trip out of the big woods into the big city. Little house in the big woods is the first book by Laura Ingalls (Wilder) that showed her life as a child in the big woods of Wisconsin. Though her family and she faced many hard times they also had many good times. I highly recommend this book to all

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