The Rodeo Short Story

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Once upon a time there lived a poor couple. They lived in the wild West in an old, tiny, brown cabin in the woods. One day, they had a baby girl, and they named her Cindy. When Cindy was six, her kind mother died. Her dad married another woman when Cindy was ten. Her new mother had two daughters, named Emily and Kylie, and they where older than Cindy. The stepsisters where cruel and jealous of Cindy because she was beautiful and charming. One day, a messenger came with an invitation to a two day rodeo. The stepsisters went to the rodeo, leaving Cindy behind. Cindy cried because she wanted to go too. With a poof of magic, her fairy godmother appeared before her. The fairy godmother said, “Don't worry- I will get you to the rodeo just

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