Literature Skit Script

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Scene 1 Krogstad: Well, then, if you want to chance it. But at least there’s one thing I can do right away- Mrs. Linde: (listening) Go now, go, quick! The dance is over. We’re not safe another second. Krogstad: I’ll wait for you downstairs. Mrs. Linde: Yes, please do; take me home. Krogstad: I can’t believe it; I’ve never been so happy. (He leaves by way of the outer door; the door between the room and the hall stays open.) Krogstad steps into the street outside, into the late night. The streets were starting to be empty of people, trying to avoid the cold night. Krogstad seems oblivious of his surrounding, and proceeds to walk with a hum. Krogstad: I cannot believe fortune has smiled down on me. Oh what joy. It’s as if I’ve been saved from drowning from the waters of consummation. Even if I’m not, I have Christine to hold on to. The dreads and sweats of life, is now more bearable. The currents of life has now changed, and I see a new horizon on my life. Who goes there? A man stumbles onto the stage with a cane in his hand. The man uses the cane to feel around. Blind man: An old man, who cannot see. Would you be kind enough to tell me where the train station is? I seem to have got off the wrong street. Krogstad: Ah. I see. It’s not that far off. In the spirit of Christmas, I will take you there. If I may ask, where are you coming from and where are you going? Blind man: The Street of North Dublin is where I grew up. In the shadows of the day, but I guess now I live in the shadows every day (laughs). I’m going to a bazaar to get a present for a my wife this Christmas. Krogstad: How would you know what to get her? If you cannot see what it is, what meaning can you draw from your present? Blind man: I guess the act of bringing her a gift in it of itself would be something meaningful. It’s the thoughts behind it that count. After all, we are all
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