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Lifeboats A cruise ship is sinking and I have been placed in charge of making the judgment on who should stay on the ship and who should be loaded in the life boats. I do not know any of the passengers on the ship, besides a general description of the types of people. There are too many possibilities and reasons why people of a certain criteria should stay or leave the ship and no one person could make a fair decision on this issue. As the boat begins to sink though, everyone should live, but there are only a set amount of life boats, so a protocol has to be established for loading the life boats based on the general description of the ships passengers. The first step into loading the lifeboats is that I would ask if anyone wants to volunteer to stay behind. If there are enough people that volunteer to stay behind it would prevent anyone from being forced to stay with the ship and drown. If this doesn’t happen, I will have to continue with a set plan on how to load the lifeboats. The first group of people to be loaded into the life boats will be families with young children. The reasoning behind this group being loaded first is the children still have a full lives left to live, and should not live it without their parents. Following this group being loaded, the procedure for loading the boats will be determined by age and current health state. Anyone that is wounded, severely ill, and or old and frail will be asked to be loading into the boats last, pending there is any space. This is because this group has a lower chance of living thru this trauma. The crew will also be asked to be loaded last because the crew will be essential in loading the lifeboats. Since the crew should have some sort of training for this sort of disaster, they will be crucial to maintaining a level of comfort for the passengers which will allow for the lifeboats to be loaded efficiently.

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