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Luke Puckett 10 November 2012 The Ever Changing Island In today’s technological savvy world, it has become incredibly effortless for someone to explore their family lineage thanks to websites such as Ancestry.com. This site will take a name and search that name in every single document imaginable with that name in it. This ultimately leads to finding other family members from years past through documents such as the United States Census. However, even these sites are not 100% helpful thanks to the mistakes of a few men sitting at a table over 100 years ago. I am referring to that of Ellis Island on the days when thousands of immigrants journeyed on boats to start a new life in a so called “better” country than their own. These refugees had no idea of knowing…show more content…
We have an extremely broad variety of race and culture that we all accept as equals. However, because of the occurrences on Ellis Island during the Great Migration, countless numbers of family members got “caught in the shuffle” so to speak. Several immigrants did not even make the journey over due to disease and lack of supplies on the ships which ultimately led to death. The lucky ones that did endure the diseases were then examined by a medical staff and were then sent back to their home countries. Once a person arrives by boat, goes through the medical examination, they are still not home free yet. The registry men may make the most substantial mistake of all by writing the name down wrong or due to penmanship, the name is not readable. All of these instances are responsible for genealogy roadblocks. Because of these actions, genealogists are forced to dig deeper into other data bases or hands on research in other countries. In some extreme cases, some people will never find their true family roots. Whatever the case may be, the “Golden Door” forever changed the study of family

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