Life After The Holocaust In Elie Wiesel's Night

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Asha Pineda Period 2 Night By Elie Wiesel The novel, Night by Elie Wiesel, is about his life before, during, and after the horrendous holocaust. Before the holocaust, he and his family, lived in Sighet, a little town in Transylvania. There he met Moche the Beadle, who was deported back to where he came from. After a few months, Moche came back telling everyone how these people were very anti-Semitic with them; but no one believed him. The spring of 1944, the Hungarians were under control by the Germans; which meant all Jews were now in ghettos. As they were being “deported”, as the Germans said, they were kept in horrible cattles, where there was little food and water. When they arrived at their destination, they were sent to a concentration camp. At the concentration they were shaved, given showers, and given prison clothes. And they were sent to walk to Auschwitz from Birkenau. Both he and his father were placed in a job in a warehouse. Arriving in Buna, a dentist wants to have Eliezer’s golden tooth, but Eli got away with it by pretending to be sick. But, unfortunately he gave it to a man named Franek; to prevent him from beating up his father. After their celebration of new year, Elie has been separated from his father. As years pass by, his father gets dysentery, and because he was dying; he ended up in the crematory. At the end of the book the…show more content…
Because in the book Night, it explains how violent and nasty the Nazis were to the jews when they ended up in the concentration camp. It wasn’t democracy, or republic, it wasn’t even a government anymore. These Jews couldn’t do anything about it, because it was too late. It was really too late, because they didn’t know till they saw it with their own eyes. The Nazis were very anti-Semitic on the Jews, because they think that they are in the way of them. And the Nazis believe that the Aryan race was the powerful race; and that they should rule the
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