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Imagine being freezing cold, tortured, and famished while undergoing excruciating labor and struggling to stay alive. (Levi, Primo. Survival in Auschwitz.) Primo Levi survived the Holocaust as a prisoner in one of the concentration camps. Levi’s survival in Auschwitz which directed him toward his outstanding career as a chemist, compelled him to write numerous, informational books about the Holocaust, and led him to commit suicide at the age of sixty-seven. Primo Levi was born in the study of his apartment (“Primo Levi, Chemist and Writer,” 1) to a Jewish family on July 31, 1919 in Turin, Italy. (“Primo Levi.”, 1) While being schooled, although writing seemed extremely crucial, Levi was never taught literature because…show more content…
Levi worked in this laboratory helping in the production of synthetic rubber and to broaden his knowledge on chemistry. By working in this laboratory, Levi avoided the outdoor manual labor that came along with the below freezing temperatures of winter. (“Primo Levi.”, 1) While being an aid in the laboratory, Levi fell ill with scarlet fever and was taken to the camp sanatorium. (“Primo Levi.” 1) This was the time that the Russians, also known as the Red Army, were headed towards Auschwitz, which meant that all the camp prisoners were to evacuate in a death march; this did not include the prisoners in the sanatorium. When the Russians were getting closer, the Nazi’s were ordered to kill all of the prisoners that were left, but luckily for Levi, they were terrified and fled instead. (“Primo Levi, Chemist and Writer,” 1) At that time, Auschwitz was liberated by the Red Army eleven months after Levi entered the camp. Levi survived the concentration camp as one of twenty to leave the camp alive that started out with six hundred and fifty Italian Jews. (“Primo Levi.”, 1) After getting out of Auschwitz, Levi spent eight months in Russia as a refuge before heading home. (“Primo Levi, Chemist and Writer,”…show more content…
As a result, why would Levi commit suicide after everything he had previously been through? Was there nothing more for him to live for? Levi was without children or a wife to visit him and had previously completed a book. Therefore, maybe he planned his suicide ahead of time because he was tired of living alone with the memories of the Holocaust, and no one to tell them to. Or maybe Levi just thought that his life was complete and felt that he no longer had a purpose or reason to live. Like many other suicides, this one is still a mystery and thus far unsolved and may never be

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