Level3 Essay

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MANDATORY TASK 1 1. Explain the legal status and principles of the relevant early years framework. The EYFS describes the UK standards for learning , development and care for children from birth to five. The Early Years Foundation Stage shows how practitioners should work with children and cooperate with parents or carers to help and support their learning, development and care. The Framework demonstrates how important is communication and language, and also emotional and social development. Important is to keep children safe and healthy. Following the EYFS standard will help to prepare children for future life. The Curriculum is built around for principles: -UNIQUE CHILDREN- every child is unique with their own characteristic. Every area of development: physical, social, emotional, spiritual is important and individual. Children develop well when adults protect their physical and emotional aspects, and also looking after their health. -POSITIVE RELATIONSHIP- for children important is to feel comfortable with us. Strong relationship with children and respect helps to recognize children’s needs and deal with it. -ENABLING ENVIRONMENTS- Favorable environment for the children is the basic for the rapid establish themselves. When children feel safe and secure, they become more open to others. They are more active and involved in activity which give them support to develop their physical skills. -LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT- All children are different, that is why they learn and develop differently. All practitioners task is support them and create a plan of action for those children that need our special attention, including disable children and children with special education needs. 2. Name each welfare requirement, with a brief description of what it covers. 3. For each welfare requirement explain your own personal duties and responsibilities.
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