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Leo Dehon Leo Dehon was a very important person that made a huge contribution to the Catholic Church. Without Leo Dehon the Church would be extremely different. Leo Dehon founded the Sacred Heart in 1877. The Sacred Heart was a guide for christen living and an apostle of social justice. Men wanting to become priests would come Priests would come and learn at the Sacred Heart. Leo Dehon didn’t find the Sacred Heart right away though; He was born on March 14 in 1843 in La Capella, France. Leo grew up in a wealthy family. When Dehon was at a young age he always had an interest in all the discoveries and debates that were during his time. Also, Dehon was very interested in knowledge and learning. When Dehon was a sophomore in high school that’s when he decided he wanted to dedicate his life to God and become a priest. Although during his high school years he forgot about his faith, right after high school Dehon wanted to go to the seminary; his father had other plans. In 1859, Dehon’s father sent him to Paris for Law School. When in Paris, Dehon earned his bachelors degree in science. He loved the city’s culture and explored it often. He still was very connected with his faith while in Paris, he when to church daily and taught religious classes to children. He helped out in the church anyway he could. Leo was getting close to his dream of becoming a priest but his father again had other plans. He sent Leo on a nine month trip through Greece, but finally Leo’s father gave in and let Leo follow his dreams in becoming a priest. He went to the French Seminary and became closer to his faith. These years in the Seminary learning how to live in the life a Christ were Leo’s favorite years. Leo finally had ordination to his priesthood. Leo’s beginning to priesthood was the start of his mission from God. Father Dehon returned home to his church and he was assigned his own

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