Leadership Style Of Abraham, Isaac, And Jacob

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ABRAHAM Abraham was a man who possessed great strength in many areas. He was a visionary leader who left the comforts of home, severed familial ties, and travelled to the distant land of Canaan, prompted by the command of an unknown God with a vague promise of blessings to come. Abraham exibited the characteristics of an entrepreneurial / visionary leader. We see that Abraham never waivered in his belief that God would provide him an heir, even though Sarah was barren in her womb. Even in his most tested hour, when God commanded he sacrifice Isaac, the heir of the promise, Abraham did not waiver. His vision of the great nation to come and that thru his seed all the nations would be blessed was the driving motivation throughout his life. Abraham communicates his vision to his trusted servant with instructions for securing a bride for Isaac. He instructed him to swear that he would not take a Canaanite woman, but go to his own relatives for a bride. Abraham's servant prayed that God would select the appropriate bride, and was done accordingly. The weakness in Abraham's leadership was he did not always seek God's counsel, or listened to wrong advice, rather than sole reliance on the provisions of God. An example of not seeking God's counsel happened twice when he lied that Sarah was his sister, first to the Egyptians, then to Abimelech. In both instances, Abraham feared for his life, yet he took matters into his own hands. Did Abraham lose sight of God's blessing and promise? Another possibility is that God allowed these incidents to happen in order that His name may be feared among unbelievers. Also, Abraham gained thru these encounters, despite his untruthfulness. It is an important lesson to all leaders that despite our weaknesses, God is able to work out His plan. Another example of Abraham's weakness is listening to Sarah's advice that he lay with Hagar in
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