Young Goodman Brown

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Forrest hill Professor P. Burgey English 1101-19 25 October 2010 Young Goodman Brown Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story, Young Goodman Brown, is a story of a man who lost faith in humanity. Goodman Brown is a naïve character who is unaware of many if the iniquities of which people he idolizes have committed. Goodman has many weaknesses; he is self righteous as well as naïve, but most of all Brown is conceited. Brown’s character traits are obvious throughout the short story. From the start, Goodman Brown shows conceit, and up until the very end Brown pays the consequences for his weaknesses. Brown shows conceit when he leaves Faith, his wife, behind in order to test his own will to resist evil. Faith, of course, is a metaphor for Goodman Brown’s faith in humanity as a whole. Brown is willing to leave his faith behind for the mere test of his own will; his over-confidence is blatant at this point. Of course, Brown is able to make excuses, such as “…after this on night I’ll cling to her skirts and follow her to heaven” , yet despite his excuses, the fact still remains-Brown is willing to give up his faith to test his will to resist temptation. Slowly as Goodman takes his journey, his preconceived notions begin to burst. Every truth Goodman Brown knows about people and about those around him is a lie….. a façade constructed by his inability to see that there is both good and evil in everyone. As they burst Goodman finds himself not able to cope with reality and thus leading to the rejection of his reality and community. Furthermore, Brown is self-righteous. He is arrogant in that he believes that none of his family has sinned, yet he learns that all of his family has an evil side. Even those, who he idolizes, such as members of the church, are seen at the devil’s ceremony. Brown is in disbelief in that he cannot accept the fact that the people that he sees as
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