Le Pont de L'Europe by Gustave Caillebotte Essay

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Once.the.viewer lays eyes on this painting, the bridge’s trusses immediately pulls them back to the city’s buildings. In addition, its shadow that is cast on the ground creates alternating.bands of light-dark.colors thus creating.depth. This.effect makes the viewer.feel like they.are presently.on that.bridge walking.past the pedestrians, headingtowards the.city. From.the architecture.of the city’s buildings, it’s safe to presume that this city is Paris. There are a few pedestrians on the bridge; a.couple, two men.and a.stray dog. Intuitively, the.couple look.like they.are wealthy.and belong.to the.upper class. An indication.to.the.man’s affluence.and.family.upbringing.is.the black.top.hat, the.dark frock.coat.and.the.black.bow tie. On.the.other.hand,.the.lady.is.wearing.a.black.gown with.ruffles.and.her.hair.is.tied.into.a.bun.and.accessorized.with.a.bonnet. The man’s posture is leaning towards her with his head in profile indicating that they’re in conversation. The lady is holding on to her dress in an attempt to catch up with his swift stride. On.the.right.side.of.the.painting.is.a.man, .who’s.resting.his.chin.on.his.hands.as.he comfortably.balances.himself.by.leaning.on.the.bridge. .This.man.is.wearing.a.light grey.sack.coat;.signifying.his.belonging.to the.middle.class. From.the.shadows positions, we.comprehend.that.the.sun.is.coming.from.the.lower.right.side.of.the painting. Could.it.be.that.this.man.is.appreciating.the.view.of.the.sunset.and.got.lost in.thought? Or.is.he.purposefully.standing.there? Moreover,.a.working-class.man.is.seen.walking.away. His.arched.back.suggests.that he’s.older.than.the.other.figures. Additionally, .the.view.of.his.path.is.obstructed.by fog. Tracing.the.steam.back.to.its.source would shed light on a steam locomotive that signifies the presence of trains and a train station. From the above analysis, it is obvious that the

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