Privet Drive Camera Angles Essay

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Opening with credits, The audience first see and establishing shot of the sign ‘Privet Drive’ with an owl on top. This sets the location for the next few minutes. The lighting is fairly low due to it being night time giving maybe a sinister tone. This shot then tracks over to look down the street, following the owl as it takes off into flight. This introduces the use of the owl, which as we know today is common in the rest of the films.This then would swap to Dumbledore. The camera angle is a long shot and tracking along the road. This is an introduction of Dumbledore, and as of yet, we still aren’t aware of his name. This eventually pan’s to a medium shot of a cat. The lighting at this point is still dark, but you can see the cat fairly clearly.…show more content…
He is backlit from the street light which gives him more of a defined figure allowing the audience to feel as if he is important to the storyline and he will be a ‘good guy’ as he has been revealed immediately and has been lit in an angelic way. As he finishes, we then see a close up of a device which he is holding. There is no obvious light, and the background shows a black sky. Then we see an over the shoulder long shot looking down the street. The street is lit all the way up by the street lamps. We then see a close up/long shot/high shot. The camera is close to the Lamp, looking down on Dumbledore who is down the road. The light is then taken away from that lamp and sent to the device he is holding. This is the first sign of proper magic being used. They then swap to a long shot looking at Dumbledore taking out another light. Then Swapping to a medium shot of Dumbledore aiming to the final lamp post, which is then changed to a close up/high angle shot looking down from the top of the lamp. This is the “deluminated”. This starts the magic off and introduces the deluminator which we see later in the

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