Laura Niemi Preview of Othello

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Laura Niemi
Dr. Tait
ENG 450
21 October, 2012
The analysis of this play doesn’t begin with Othello, but it does start with the fact that Iago is the evil person portrayed here. He plays on Othello’s thoughts and emotions which makes Othello absolutely insane. He uses the passion that Roderigo has for Desdemona as a dagger to play on his unending nerves. He also uses Cassio’s character of love as well as drink against the lieutenant, along with Desdemona’s chastity against her. His plan of action was almost complete if he was able to murder Cassio. Iago’s motives are told throughout the entire play such as, seeking revenge due to the fact that Othello was given the title of lieutenant, throwing out accusations of him sleeping with his wife. In the end he is handed over to the torturers where he finally is quiet and stops giving reasons. Critic Robert Heilman (1956) states “lago’s case is too good; as a hunter of motives has bagged more than the legal limit” (pg.33). Othello is susceptible to lago’s evil.
In the beginning we find Othello to be a sensible general. Confronted by his father-in-law’s bullies, Othello disarms his words to stop a fight waiting to happen. He defends his marriage to Desdemona right in front of the Venetian Senate. With this in mind he then travels to the war zone in Cyprus where his strong emotions soon take over. This is where lago’s plans start to take place and Othello is engulfed with anger. The focal point of the play is when Othello’s envy and jealousy occur in act 3 scene 3. At the scene begins, it’s already apparent that Othello is not a jealous man; however, at the end of the scene, it’s a different story all around. The question is what happened to change his disposition in just one scene, and who is the guilty one that has changed Othello’s entire demeanor? The answer lies within Iago. Iago begins his

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