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Language Teaching Methods Essay

  • Submitted by: AnaMexicana
  • on March 17, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Language Teaching Methods" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.


        • An Introduction to a Chapter
        • Grammar-Translation Method
        • Guine and the Series Method
        • The Natural Method
        • Direct Method
        • Audio-Lingual Method (ALM)
        • The Silent Way
        • Suggestopedia
        • Community Language Learning
        • Total Physical Response Method (TPR)
        • Communicative Language Teaching (CLT)
        • Immersion Programs
        • The Need for an Eclectic Approach
After completing this chapter you will be able to
  1. name and briefly describe ten different methods of teaching foreign languages
  2. describe the major characteristics of the following methods: direct method, ALM, CLT
  3. explain the theoretical basis of the ALM and the Silent Way
  4. write your own brief definitions of the ten methods
  5. explain why a successful teacher should not be biased in favor of one method or another
  6. explain the concept of “an eclectic approach”
method; approach; target language; four skills; activities; competence; usage; use; characteristics; eclectic approach

    • An Introduction to a Chapter
      Many teachers of English as a foreign language now share the belief that a single right way does not exist. It is certainly true that no comparative study has consistently demonstrated the superiority of one method over another for all teachers, all students and all settings.
Presented in this chapter is a description of language teaching methods in practice today: the Grammar-Translation Method, the Direct Method, the Audio-Lingual Method, the Silent Way, Suggestopedia, Community Language Learning, the Total Physical Response Method, and the Communicative Approach. Of course, what is described here is only an abstraction. How a method is manifest in the classroom will depend heavily on the individual teacher’s interpretation of its principles.
Some teachers prefer to...

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