Language Inflammation Essay

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LANGUAGE INFLATION ESSAY Some think we live in an era of language inflation with higher and more wide-scale vocabulary that has been enhanced. The use of mediocre words has been dissolved out of our vocabulary and replaced with the use of extravagant vocabulary which is not always precise. Now, when an ordinary word such as great or good is used, the meaning doesn’t hold what it was originally capable of; “outstanding” and “fabulous” have taken over its meaning. “Everything is presented as something unique, exemplary, breathtaking,” however, when everything becomes outstanding then doesn’t everything become average? On an essay by Aldous Huxley, Words and Behavior, Huxley argues that human being use words for their advantage in order to conceal reality, while inflating language. Looking into the language inflation from a social perspective, it is very evident that language inflation has affected the aspect of human era. Examples now-a-days are clearly seen in the assortment of advertisements which abuse of the inflation, exaggeration, of language to promote their products. Furthermore, language inflation is seen in government and politics, especially in the speeches given by politicians. At times the words have become so sophisticated that people don’t even know what they mean, and nonetheless the authenticity behind the words used. With the introduction of language inflammation, a politician would be made fun of if they dared to use little words. Language inflation has made it very difficult to get a point across or convince an audience without lacking knowledge or looking to advanced. Another example of language inflation is the effect it has on youth. In elementary school, the word “nice” was to be replaced with the word “kind,” introducing sophisticated language which led to the era of language
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