Lady Windermere Essay

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The play, Lady Windermere’s Fan, highlights Oscar Wilde’s characters’ satiric, noticeable point of views and reveals not only the values of the characters, but also the nature of the play itself. Each character’s personalities lack honesty and each one expresses their common “to good” attitude of the upper class, as in talking behind the backs of other characters. Although one may not fully understand the time period in which the characters lived, the characters exhibit their obvious reflection and enhance the plays eternal theme. For example, the irony and attitudes of the characters expresses the value of being “wicked” and it gains much importance. However this sense of wickedness contributed an exciting role to society and the values of the characters as well. An excellent example of the characters’ values shows when Lord Darlington informs the Duchess of Berwick that people say many things behind his back all through his life, and this also shows how the Duchess concerns herself with the faults of everyone else, and judges those persons accordingly. Lord Darlington throughout this except of Lady Windermere’s Fan stood as a view of a “wicked” person, because of his personality. The Duchess of Berwick and the lord himself look upon the lord as a “complete failure” and “dreadful” allowing readers to see his insincere actions towards society and basically symbolizing someone of nothingness. The Duchess of Berwick, along with Lady Windermere, also critic other by their judgment of drinking of tea; depending on whoever supplied the tea, the ladies attend that party. This shows from the Duchess’ side from her refusing Lady Windermere’s offer of tea only because the following afternoon Lady Markby’s tea became so “undrinkable,” showing her prude and stuck-up attitude that the towards both Lady Markby, Markby’s son-in-law, and Lady Windermere. However, Lady
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