King Lear's Empathy Quotes

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Year 11 English - Empathy Task Well, I never would have seen this coming. Three left to rule what once was the great kingdom. It is now, almost as damaged as its former ruler. I wonder if that’s where the whole problem began. The king was always concerned the idea of madness and often said things like Oh, dear God, don’t let me go mad! In the end it seemed that his decisions beginning with the splitting of the kingdom showed a growing madness within. During that storm he finally cracked. I was extremely grateful although horrified when Lear split the kingdom. It was a great honour to be receiving this gift but I don’t believe it was in the kingdom’s best interest. Following this, his outburst at Cordelia and Kent seemed very out of character.…show more content…
Edmund was having an affair with my wife and of course she was in love with him. So much for the great love I did bear her. Did she ever feel the same for me? Not only had I been displaced before but to make things worse she’d wanted the bastard to eradicate me. I mean, I knew she was a manipulative bitch, I just thought she may have still had some feelings towards me. As I arrested the serpent for capital treason, I remembered the letter and called upon the helpful stranger who had opened my eyes to everybody’s treachery. Dear, Edgar was revealed to be loyal and dignified and I was very sorry that I had ever thought worse of him. I had no sympathy towards my sister’s and my wife’s death. They were evil and so were their motives. Their behaviour in recent times was disgusting and although this judgement of the heavens that makes us tremble, touches us not with pity. It was ironic in the end that they turned out to be the cause of each other’s death. All I ever wanted to do was bring peace to a divided kingdom and try to make the best out of the situation my family created. How far the eyes may pierce I cannot tell. Striving to better, oft we mar what’s well. All friends shall taste the wages of their virtue and all foes the cup of their deservings. If Kent will not take the throne then to Edgar I believe it should go for I have been tainted by my former
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