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Fire Service Instructor II – Assignment Worksheet Topic: Ladders and ladder safety Level of instruction: All students Instructor: Nick Ruggiero Length of lesson: aprox. 15 minutes I. Intro (Why I chose ladders) A. A lot of people misunderstand how important ladders are in the fire service. Why? B. History of ladders. Ladders were mainly manufactured out of wood back in the early 1900’s and to this day San Francisco has their own work shop and repairs and manufactures their own ladders. (Video) C. Purpose of ladders in the service. -it is very important to know all the different types of ladders and what there uses are for different purposes. 1. Single ladder- non adjustable in length and consist of only one section, 6-32Ft 2. Roof ladders- single ladders equipped with curved hooked used to grab the roof ridge. 3. Folding ladder- single ladders that have hinged allowing them to fold that one beam rests on the other 4. Extension ladders- adjustable has two sections a bed and a adjustable fly section that gives it the ability to elongate from 12-39ft 5. Pole ladder- they are extension ladders that have stay poles for added leverage and stability when elongating. Combination ladder- self supported step ladders Pompier ladder- a single beam ladder with rungs projection from either side. II. Safety A. Examples of correct -always use protected gear including gloves and helmets -choose the proper ladder for the job -always use your legs muscles and never lift using all back. -check for over head obstructions -adjust your ladder for proper climbing angle.( avoid uneven terrain) -always use the heeler partner to keep the ladder placed in the same position. -always inspect every single ladder after each use to see if it holds up to standards. B. Why should ladders be used correctly -When using ladders incorrectly your putting your

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