Korean Culture Essay

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Ziyin Zhou Dr. Lisa May 21 2013 HSP101 Travel to Korea (report draft and outline of 7 night-literary) Korea is one of the countries of East-West Asia. It was divided into two separated states ----- North Korea and South Korea in 1945. South Korea, found on August 15th, 1948, is officially known as the Republic of Korea. It is located in the South of the Korean Peninsula with coasts on tree sides ------- the Yellow Sea to the southwest, the Japan Sea to the east and the Korea Strait to the southeast. The total area of South Korea is 99,392 square kilometer which is about 45% of Korea Peninsula. The population of South Korea is 9.8 million and the capital of South Korea is Seoul, which is also the biggest city in the country. North Korea, officially Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK). It neighbors to China and Russia in the north. The forest coverage rate is very high in North Korea. Also, North Korea is an Empire country, which is governed by one party ----- The Labor Party. The capital of North Korea is Pyongyang. And the total area is approximately 120,256 square kilometer and the population is about 24 million. I think traveling to the Korea ( both South Korea and North Korea) will be very interesting because the culture, religion, historical background, etc. are not entirely the same between South Korea and North Korea. In another word, we are able to have two different experience in one trip. Are you ready now? Historic Role on the Silk Road There were three Kingdom in Korean Peninsula in fifth century which were Koguryo (37 CE- 668CE), Paekche (18CE- 660CE) and Silla (67CE-668CE). Compared with the Silla. Koguryo had the greatest military power while Paekche was famous for its special construction of pagodas and temples. However, it was surprised that it was Silla that unified the Korean Peninsula and create a "Golden age" in Korean. In the
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