Iwo Jima Photo Analysis: Joe Rosenthal

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Holsombeck 1 Michael Gage Holsombeck English 1101 Professor Edmondson 21 January, 2013 Iwo Jima Photo Analysis ! Joe Rosenthal; once called a genius, a fraud, a hero and a phony. Joe took one of the most memorable photographs in U.S History, most certainly the most memorable of the 2nd World War (Landsberg). It has been over 50 years since our troops stormed the island of Iwo Jima where this legendary photo was taken on top of Mount Suribachi. Yet, when we look at this captured moment today, we still feel the same mixture of feelings as they did back in 1945. The outcome of that war affected us all, even those born twenty, thirty years after afterward. ! Mount Suribachi was the center of Japanese defense, and it was also the highest…show more content…
Viewers then feel a sense of gratefulness for the people risking their lives over seas, even today. Because if it wasn’t for them, who knows what could happen to this great nation. But, the most important feeling Joe's image gave the U.S. during that time period was a sense of hope. Hope that their sons, fathers, husbands, cousins, and brothers would be coming home soon. Hope that the war would soon be over and the fighting would stop. That was the big message Joe wanted to send the American People. ! To conclude, what Joe caught was more than just an image. It is our…show more content…
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