Crisis Intervention Theory Into Practice

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Write a critical annotated bibliography of 3,500 words, using the given research articles below that incorporates a discussion of ethical issues in applying research to practice. This assignment provides a critical review of the three articles provided. It seeks to critically analyse the methods used in obtaining evidence and the interpretation of this evidence and the research’s conclusion. Links will also be made to the use of the articles in social work practice; exploring the ways in which these research articles interact with practice and the beneficial and negative elements of incorporating them into evidence based practice. It highlights the importance of fully understanding the validity of research before it is used in social work…show more content…
(Thompson 2011). In practice there is a very fine balance between good anti oppressive interventions and not reacting to concerns. There is a risk that social work practitioners are so anti oppressive that they only intervene when a crisis has emerged which may often be too late to promote early intervention. (Thompson 2011). This is balanced with the standards of proficiency for social workers in particular “Understand the need to promote the best interests of service users…” and “Understand the need to protect, safeguard and promote the wellbeing of …vulnerable adults” (HCPC 2012 2.2…show more content…
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