What Impacts Did Immigration Have on Jacksonian America?

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What impacts did Immigration have on Jacksonian America? Jacksonian America is considered to have been one of the most important historical periods in America. It was marked by prosperity in different areas (Zinn, 2005). Jacksonian period inspired much of American during the eight year period. This was a symbolic period because the rise of President Jackson from backwoods of Carolina to the highest office in the land showed that anyone, no matter the social status, could accomplish what one wanted in America. President Jackson message to Americans helped to jumpstart movements and improve public education, abolished debtors’ prisons, and organized women rights including many other areas that were positive impacted during this period. During Jacksonian American, there were major immigration movements (Zinn, 2005). The story of Jackson and his rise to highest office in the land inspired most immigrants. It should be noted that it was during this period that America experienced market revolution. At the beginning of the Jacksonian period in 1815, there was the first major wave of immigration that began in 1815. It was estimated that about 5 million people immigrated to America between 1815 and 1860 (Zinn, 2005). This means that it was the first period when America experienced major immigration, although immigrants had positive and negative impacts on the country. The new wave of immigration contributed to market revolution. However, it also led to emergence of major social problems. However, it is important to note that the Jacksonian period was also the first period when the federal government passed federal legislation on immigration that required annotation of passenger list. This means that the impact of immigration was already beginning to be felt during this period and the government had to taken action. References: Zinn, H. (2005). A people’s history

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