King Kong Music Analysis

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(1933) King Kong Analysis One of the greatest film scores before 1970 was heard in the famous film King Kong. The film score was written by the Austrian composer Max Steiner and even became known as one of his greatest works of all time. Steiner did a very good job on portraying the monster as a scary and bold character, which of course was exactly what the film writers and producers wanted and overall made the film one of the best in its era. This was achieved by Steiner’s use of strong and harsh sounds to provoke emotions from the audience and the use of mirroring the movement happening on screen with his music in order to keep the audience feeling engaged in the film. At the very beginning of the film, we see a ship sail towards an island through a cloud of fog and begin to hear the first sounds of music in the film. As the ship is sailing closer, we hear a drum beat in the background that continues until more of the island is shown. This drum beat is then accompanied by the brass as more and more of the island is being revealed. Next, the music begins to sound a bit scarier and darker as the men travel towards the island in their boats. This implies to the audience that there is something dark or odd about the island and should proabably be approached with caution. As they arrive to shore, the music begins to change once again and sounds more lightened until it slowly disappears and all is heard is the chanting from the ceremony happening nearby. Steiner did a really good job on the introduction of the film with his minimal but great and well thought out use of music. Already from these first few scenes and with the help of the music the audience is given a tiny hint about the film and is prepared for something dark or extraordinary to occur on this mysterious island. The music helps give clues about the plot of the film and also leads the audience to

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