We Were Soldiers Film Review (Internal: Formal Writing)

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“We Were Soldiers” “We were Soldiers” is a film directed by Randall Wallace. “We were Soldiers” is a film about the American soldiers defending off an area in the North Vietnamese territory as they are attacked by the NVA. In my opinion, I found the movie very fascinating. Actors were great and the acting was almost flawless in most of the scenes. Set in November 1965, We Were Soldiers is based on America’s first major engagement in the Vietnam War. This battle was called the “Battle of La Drang”. The film begins when French Soldiers are ambushed by Vietnamese soldiers, 11 years later “Lieutenant Colonel Hal Moore” (Mel Gibson) trains troops who are preparing to be sent into the Vietnam. The Soldiers land on the area and prepare for battle. Randall Wallace’s actors were superb in the film. I thought Randall Wallace had a great selection of actors in the film therefore having a great film. Mel Gibson plays as the brave leader Lieutenant Hal Moore. Madeleine Stowe acted as Julia Moore who takes a role as Hal Moore’s wife. The acting amazed me, especially Jimmy Nakayama (Brian Tee) who gets severely burnt by a bomb. Even though many of the sets may have been the same, the constant explosions, gunshots and screams kept the film exciting and thrilling. The Battle scenes were realistic, especially the moments where the Vietnamese are constantly being held back by artillery fire. In my opinion the war film was fantastic and was beyond my expectations. I greatly recommended this film for people who enjoy a realistic war film. I give this film 4 star out of
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