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The Kinetics of a Bleach Reaction The primary objective of this experiment is to determine the rate law and order of a reaction between food coloring and commercial bleach. You will use a Colorimeter to measure the absorbance of the reaction over time. As the reaction proceeds, the food coloring will fade and the absorbance will decrease. You will determine the order of the reaction and write the rate law based on your analysis of the graph of absorbance vs. time. OBJECTIVES In this experiment, you will a. Measure and analyze the visible light absorbance spectrum of a food coloring solution to determine the maximum wavelength(s) of absorbance b. Measure the absorbance of the reaction between a food coloring solution and bleach c. Analyze the absorbance vs. time graphs to determine the order of the reaction d. Write the rate law for the reaction MATERIALS Computer Colorimeter (wavelength = 635 nm) Food coloring (blue) Commercial bleach (5.25% NaOCl) three cuvettes Plastic pipet Kimwipes Procedure 1. Obtain and wear goggles. 2. Use a USB cable to connect a Vernier colorimeter to a computer. 3. Start the Logger Pro program. 4. Make sure you set the data collection system to Absorbance at wavelength = 635 nm. 5. Measure 100 mL of distilled water into a 250 mL beaker. Add two drops of food coloring to the beaker of distilled water and mix thoroughly. Measure out a dropperful of bleach into a plastic pipet and set it aside until Step 8. 6. Calibrate the colorimeter a. Prepare a blank by filling an empty cuvette ¾ full with distilled water. b. Place the blank in the colorimeter cuvette holder. Align the cuvette so that the clear sides are facing the light source of the calorimeter. c. Open the Experiment menu and select Calibrate – colorimeter. Select “one point calibration” and set it to

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