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Kill Bill Analysis

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  • on December 3, 2013
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Sydney Lahmeyer
CMLT C110 11515
Kill Bill Essay 1

Kill Bill Essay
“Looked dead, didn’t I? Well, I wasn’t.” Wind blowing through Beatrix Kiddo’s hair and the starkness of her voice, the opening scene in Kill Bill II foreshadows the entire film. Beatrix addresses the audience and tells them what her next step in her mission will be. Kill Bill is a film delineated through numerous complex short scenes and flashbacks that foretell the rest of the film. Through many devices such as: Beatrix’ words, the background music, and the way Beatrix conveys herself we discover how this scene captures the essence of the film to help the audience better understand the film as a whole.
A bloody Two Pines Wedding chapel is the first flashback we see at the beginning of the film, where we saw a scene of bloody massacre. This is the last time we see Beatrix as a true bride. After the last gunshot is fired, straight into Beatrix head, she is shown driving then tells the viewers what she intends to do.
Tarantino shows her driving in this scene to show that she still has not completed her journey. She first explains what Bill and the Deadly Viper Assassins have done to her (by this time in the movie we know that she once was part of the Deadly Viper Assassins). She then tells how they annihilated her wedding rehearsal with intent to slaughter her and everyone there, and they almost did just that. The last bullet was saved for Bill to end the life of the pregnant bride, “Arlene,” but it did not kill her, but put her into a coma. In a hospital, four years later, Beatrix was bitten by a mosquito and awoke from the coma. Rather than waking up her normal self she found that she possessed an increased will power for revenge.
Beatrix makes it loud and clear that she hasn’t accomplished her goal quite yet. She is very firm as she explains that she has gone on a “roaring rampage of revenge." Beatrix does not just notify the viewers that she has had satisfaction from killing so...

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