Karl Marx vs Max Weber

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Karl Marx believed that the means, relations, and mode of production all relate to the inequality in a capitalist society. What he is talking about when he says means of production in society are physical non-human inputs used to produce goods. A means of production could be a natural resource or it could also be technology. Whoever controls the means of production is going to have the most power. The capitalist owned the means of production in capitalism and therefore basically were able to control the economy. Since one group is in power of the means this creates a huge gap of inequality. By controlling the means of production the capitalist were also able to form the relations of production. The relations of production are based on the owners and workers coming to an agreement on the terms of employment and the overall relationships between these two classes of people in general. According to Marx in Capitalism the bourgeoisie are motivated to accumulate as much profit as possible and the proletariat are trying to get as much money for their labor as possible. These means of production and relations of production talked about above are the engine of development and lead to the mode of production. According to Marx the economy is the means of production and he called this the base or foundation of society. The base then leads to the formation of all other parts of society such as culture, state, and education, which he calls the superstructure. Now we will talk about mode of production. It is the organization of economic production in a given society and the way it evolves over time. In the capitalist mode of production both the inputs and outputs of production are privately owned, the main goal of production is to achieve maximum profit, and in capitalism you have the working class selling their working power in exchange for wages and the capitalist paying them at
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