Karl Marx Wage Labour and Capital

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Wage labour and Capital is considered for many people like one the foundation of communism and socialism. This book, was write by the philosopher and economist Karl Marx at the end of 1847. Karl Marx was born in Germany in 1818 and formed in German universities. Due to his political thoughts, he saw himself forced to emigrated from several countries. Finally, he settled in London since 1849 where he wrote the majority of his work. Some of the most important were Kapital (1867) and the Communism Manifesto (1848). Marx support part of his work in some of the contribution made by Smith and Ricardo. The research of both, mainly in surplus value, helped him to achieved greater knowledge of political economic. Smith was the first economist who developed a theory about surplus value. Regarding Ricardo, him focus his work in develop the Labour Theory of Value where established that the value of commodities are according to the hours of work necessary to produce it. According to Marx, the approaches of both classical political were incomplete. This was due to the assertion from both that the human labour was the only one that adds value. However, Marx in Wage Labour and Capital demonstrate the surplus value which is appropriate by the capitalist in order to grow his capital. It is important to delight in the economic period that Wage Labour and Capital was write. Marx wrote it a few months before of the European Revolution of 1848. In that moment capitalism and proletarian face together to feudalism. These were the first sign of organized labour movement. However, Capitalism were the owner of means of production so they started to take advantage of proletarian. A great part of Marx work was study the relation between the different social classes. The text was a transcription from a lecture Marx gave to the German Workingmen's Club of Brussels in 1847. The original
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