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Just Walk on By: Summary Just Walk on By: Black Men and Public Space is an excellent story by Brent Staples who was born in 1951 in Chester, Pennsylvania. The story is narrated from his point of view and takes place in Chicago during Staples’ early adulthood. One of the main messages of the story is the struggle of being stereotyped in America during the late 1960’s. The story goes on to tell a few events from the authors past that reflect how his skin tone has caused some type of stereotype in his life. One excellent example is when Staples is walking behind a well dress white lady in one of the more poor neighborhoods in Chicago. She takes notice to Staples and begins to speed up her stride. As soon as Staples notices her frantic, she bolts it across the street. This event makes the author realize that his appearance was the cause of certain hysteria in public. Staples’ seems to be confused at first about this because he seems himself as one of the good boys in that area. The story continue to tells of more events were Staples’ skin color has gotten him on the sour end of deals. Another story is when Staples’ explains when he was a journalist in Chicago. One day he was rushing into his office to make a deadline and the office manager happened to call security and to staples’ luck, he had no identification. As the years went by, Staples was able to learn how to cope with the stereotypes. He says that smoothing the rage rather then letting the rage continue to boil is one of the best methods that have helped Staples throughout the

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