Joseph Mccarthy: A True Patriot

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Joseph McCarthy held congressional hearings in which he often used affiliation and hearsay to accuse people of being communists and a threat to the United States. What was unknown at the time was that while his methods were often distasteful and abusive—and possibly illegal—he did successfully identify some dangerous communists. Do you think he should be considered a patriot or not? Why? I do not feel that Joseph McCarthy should be considered a patriot. He used his position to create fear in people about communism. He made attacks against people without proof and stated that the democrats had been responsible for twenty years of treason. Joseph McCarthy headed a subcommittee in which he badgered witnesses cruelly, often ruining careers. He, McCarthy was never able to produce actual evidence of actual communism. Joseph McCarthy intimidated many people. This is not the sign of a true patriot. Had he been a patriot he would have led people with proven truths not misconstrued lies. The followers he had were impressed with his fearless assaults on government establishments. Joseph McCarthy provided his followers with an issue into which they could channel a wide range of…show more content…
Such mass destruction was not necessary to end the war. Even in today’s times we rush to destroy rather than to communicate. I understand that there is no communicating with some people or countries. But is massive loss of life what is necessary to solve all the problems that rise? As for was Harry Truman a great president, I think sometimes we have to look at what we have years later to realize what we had when a president help office. Often we criticize the man as he serves and feel he is not doing a good job of running our country only to have the next president do in our own opinion worse. I think Harry Truman was a good president. He confronted the insecurities of the modern age in his own life
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