Franklin D. Roosevelt: One Of America's Greatest Leader

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FDR stands as one of America’s greatest leader. With his introduction of the newdeal that brought relief, reform and recovery during their most devastating economical crisis and his leadership during the world war, acting on less negatives impacts and the Franklin D. Roosevelt commonly known as FDR was the 32nd president of the United States of America. He did not serve the ordinary 4 years like other Presidents; he was actually in office from 1933-1945. This happened to be a very difficult time in world history, 1933 was the aftermath of the Great Depression and 1939 marked the beginning of the Second World War. As you can imagine, Roosevelt had a really tough job. He had to clean up the mess caused by the depression and he also had to pull a nation through an extremely devastating war, not to mention the era of Hitler who was a man bent on Nazi domination. How did he handle his position? How was he able to remain president for 12 years? He must have done a might good job if America allowed him to stick around that long. My aim with this paper is to investigate his policies, to…show more content…
The two term tradition was an unwritten rule but Roosevelt did not nominate for Presidency he was cheered up by the crowd to be their ruler for the third time. When the World War II began America was not involved but as years went by they joined in and Roosevelt worked on equality between races and the executive order made it illegal for discriminating color and religion. Roosevelt also had a positive intention of moving the Americans in to an integrated society. By 1939, Franklin Roosevelt asked the congress to repel the neutrality act in other for the U.S to sell arms freely to the European forces. They disagreed at first but after Germany invaded Poland in September, the Congress agreed and the Americans could sell arms to countries that could pay for them in
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