President Roosevelt: Presidential Human Calamities

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Sabrina A. Coulthurst Professor Merlick Hist 1301-3501 10 April 2012 Presidential Human Calamities In today’s world, presidents are viewed as celebrities. They write books, appear on television, and cover front magazines. Every move, every moment is taped, watched, and scrutinized. They are considered role models and mentors. To some people, they are even considered demigods. One may think the president is, but, throughout history some of the most prestigious and notorious presidents remind the world they are still human. Presidents have multiple traits and misfortunes in common with ordinary people: disturbed emotions, melancholic illnesses, and problematic morals. Disturbed emotions can affect Americans on a regular bases. Past presidents, like commonplace Americans, have had their share of cause and effect from their own disturbed emotions.…show more content…
Franklin Roosevelt was a former president that did well under pressure with profundity. President Roosevelt reigned during the complexity of World War II and the intensity of the Great Depression. Although a strong man and president, Roosevelt was not invincible. President Roosevelt contracted polio, a virus that can lead to paralysis and death. This viral infection caused President Roosevelt’s legs to become paralyzed. Even though President Roosevelt became crippled, he still remained a prominent president in the 1900s. Some of his decisions during his terms still affect Americans today in positive aspects. President Roosevelt was not the only president to suffer physically, President William Howard Taft also suffered from a condition that numerous American’s deal with today, narcolepsy. Narcolepsy causes a person to fall asleep at any given moment. Taft managed to fall asleep while in the front row of a state funeral…in a car in New York during a campaign parade…during…the opening of the

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