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Jones Blair Paint 1. How would you characterize the architectural paint/coatings industry and Jones blair’s trade area? Out of the 50 counties Jones Blair sells in, the majority of their sales come from the DFW area. Recently though, competition in the DFW area has risen in the do-it yourself market and more of their sales have come from outside of the DFW market and the professional painters segment. 2. How might you segment Jones Blair’s market area I think Jones Blair needs to create a segment in the DFW area that focuses strictly on the professional painters. Since competition hasn’t attracted this segment yet, there is room for growth. Also, they should create a DIY segment outside of the DFW area and continue to grow it. 3. Which segment(s) represent opportunities for Jones Blair The main segments that represent opportunities for Jones Blair are professional painter in all their 50 counties, as well as DIYer’s and professionals outside of DFW. 4. What is Jones Blair’s Competitive position in the market? Jones Blair manufactures and distributes paint to 200 independent paint stores, lumber yards, and hardware stores, 40% of which are in the DFW area. Their paint is high priced but their reps are highly respected between their customers and their knowledge about their paints gives them an edge over their competition. 5. Which segment(s) should Jones Blair pursue? Jones Blair should focus on the segments that they have sustained growth in. These segments are the areas outside of the DFW area. They have seen a decline in sales gallons inside of DFW; therefore they need to look outside of that area. Also, DFW could increase their promotion into the professional painters segment inside DFW and take advantage of a segment its competitors have not gone after yet. 6. What strategy should Jones Blair adopt to reach the segment(s) sought? Jones Blair

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