John Gattos "Against School" Summary

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Matthew Claypool English 1120 3/8/15 In John Gattos, Against School, the author talks about how our school system as we know it today is failing at educating us. And the weakness of the school system in the United States in general. Schooling is not educating. We are taught that in order to be successful we need to be schooled. Which is not true. He explains that the kids today do not want to learn anything because they do the same things all the time and are just bored, making the teachers bored as well. Gatto starts his essay by making himself an authority on the subject of weakness of the modern schools. The author then shares how he was a teacher in the public school system for over thirty years and how he was screwed over by them. By showing to the readers that he was once a public school teacher it helps them see him as an expert giving his own expert opinion. He stresses that the public school system is doing the youth of this generation an injustice. He does this through analyzing the goals of education, not schooling. He uses the third goal a lot which is to make each person their best that they can be. He also says the today’s school system suppresses the word genius. He goes about describing this by looking back in the past and seeing what other writers have said about the topic and inserting his own views and ideas on them. When he does it this way it cannot be torn apart because it is supported historically. The author uses his tone of voice in the passage in a formal way, which gives it a serious and very important feeling. He plays to the readers’ common sense many times to make it feel more as if it applies to them on a personal level. Gatto asks the question-is the school system necessary? He uses facts to make this question have some weight behind it. Gatto uses the fact that are a lot of homeschoolers out there in the world right now that
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