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“We were just the spokesmen for a generation”, answered Paul McCartney when asked about his thoughts on the roles of rock music in the 1960’s (Szatmary 97), “I try to use my music to move these people to act”, said legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix when asked about the motives of his music (Jimi). Both these men were very aware of the influence they held as Rock musicians, and acted upon that knowledge as is evident in their lyrics. There were many other musicians at the time that found themselves in the same position. The position where their music had more value to it than just entertainment, where it could actually bring about change. Rock music brought about the cultural revolutions of the sixties and seventies. Before the sixties,…show more content…
While all the protest was going on, rock music was definitely not standing by idly watching what it had started. It was in their with the people. Artists such as Jimi Hendrix, a poor part African American, part Cherokee from a broken home in Seattle, were reflecting the desperate mood of late 1960’s youth through a harsh yet psychedelic rock. In 1966 Hendrix formed the “Jimi Hendrix Experience and amazed young European audiences with a wild act modeled after former employers such as Little Richard and James Brown. After achieving some fame in the United Kingdom Hendrix came to the United States and delivered a loud, angry electric blues rock that captured the violence of the war torn era. Using various electronic knick-knacks (such as wah-wah pedals, fuzz-boxes, etc.) he pioneered a harsh, explosively ripping style of electric blues rock that would later become known as Hard Rock. Hendrix explained the sound like this: “Lots of young people now feel they’re not getting a fair deal. So they revert to something loud, harsh, almost verging on violence; if they didn’t go to a concert, they might be going to a riot.”(Szatmary

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