Jim The Ideal Father

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Jim The Ideal Father The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain describes a strong solid bond that has formed between two people. Huckleberry Finn k who is a young poor white kid and Jim is Miss Watson personal slave. Huckleberry Finn's father Pap as he called him; beat, abuse, kidnap and scare his son to the extent that Huckleberry Finn, out of fear for his own life engineers his own staggering death to run away from his father. When Huck and Jim travel down the river it becomes visible that Jim more of a true father to Huck than his own biological father Pap. Huck’s father teaches his only son that life is not worth living, while on the other hand Jim gives Huck the strong fatherly support that Huck needs including, friendship, and knowledge for Huck to become a real man unlike his father. Even though Huck and Jim are both from different racial backgrounds the time they spend together allows them to surpass their ethnic differences and become just like true family father. For the father son relationship that Huck Finn needs to work requires respect and love from the child for the father. Jim is in the deepest corners of Huck's heart and in the story we see how Huck's powerful his compassion is for Jim. Such an example is when the rattle snake bites Jim, and Huck ensures that he brings him back to life.” Jim told me to chop off the snake's head and throw it away, and then skin the body and roast a piece of it. I done it, and he eat it and said it would help cure him. He made me take off the rattles and tie them around his wrist, too. He said that that would help . Then I slid out quiet and throwed the snakes clear away amongst the bushes; for I warn't going to let Jim find out it was all my fault, not if I could help it.”(73) When the Duke and King sold Jim to the Phelps family for only a few dollars, Huck is met with an deep and problematic dilemma. Does

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