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ISU TOPICS 1. To what extent has Trudeau’s vision of a Just Society become a reality? 2. To what extent was Diefenbaker’s decision to cancel the Avro Arrow project justified? 3. To what extent was Canada’s role essential in the creation of the Atomic Bomb? 4. To what extent was the 1972 Summit Series between Canada and the Soviet Union more than just a hockey tournament? 5. Did Trudeau overreact to the October Crisis in 1970 when he instituted the War Measures Act? 6. To what extent did the Canadian government mistreat Japanese Canadians during WWII? 7. To what extent can the policy of multiculturalism be considered a success or failure? 8. How did WWI contribute to the increase in Canadian nationalism? 9. To what extent can Tommy Douglas be given the label “Greatest Canadian”? 10. Should Aboriginals be granted self-government? 11. How did WWII transform women’s roles in Canadian society? 12. To what extent did Rene Levesque impact French/English relations in Canada? 13. Was the demolition of Africville the right thing to do? 14. To what extent did enrolment in NATO/NORAD/UN allow Canada to achieve middle power status? 15. To what extent should one of the following being considered “Great” for their contributions to Canada during the 20th century: Trudeau, King, Borden, Fox, Pearson, etc. 16. To what extent was Canadian foreign policy different after WWII? 17. Argue for what you believe to be the most important social, political and cultural changes in Canada during the 20th century. 18. To what extent has Canada’s role as a peacekeeping nation defined the nation? 19. To what extent would/would not the distinct society clause hurt Canada? 20. To what extent was Canada dependent on the United States during the 20th century? 21. To what extent should Quebec be considered a
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